BOOMLA Designs Presents:

Inner Peace Pendulums
Instruments to connect you to the small, still voice within

     Each of our pendulums is a one-of-a-kind instrument imagined and crafted in house at Boomla Designs. Each pendulum has its own attributes and personality and will function different for dowsers than other pendulums do. We design our pendulums to have three distinct parts.


     The first part is the point, which can be made of either crystal, wood, or resin with embedded artifacts. This is the heavy part of the pendulum that gives weight to its swing. Next comes the chain. This can be made of varying materials, but is most often either silver or gold. The chain comes in different lengths, and the response of a pendulum is sometimes faster, the shorter the chain. Finally, we come to the wand. This can be a simple bead, or a combination of beads and charms that allow the user to hold the pendulum suspended between the fingers or else draped over the index finger. The wand provides stability and balance to the pendulum so that it may swing unimpeded by conscious effort.

     Each pendulum crafted by Boomla Designs also comes fully charged with Reiki energy by one of our Reiki Level I practitioners. Positivity and Negativity are not simply states of being, but alternative poles of an electrical current. Our pendulums are cleansed and balanced so that they will present a clean slate and neutral energy to the dowser who purchases them.