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The first selection from our newest collection of earrings is a captivating pair of resin covered wooden semi-circle earrings. Treated with an acrylic paint pouring and complimented by a red glitter resin circle bead, they feature a yellow, black and orange color scheme. Trimmed with a gold setting and finished with a glazed orange back, each earring is unique and features a one of a kind design. These earrings were created as part of the poured painting "The Waters Beneath" by BOOMLA artist AP. The Painting is on an 8" x 10" canvas, which had the earrings on top of it as the paint was poured. When the earrings were removed the paint bled into the canvas revealed beneath to produce amazing cels and beautiful swirled color effects. Be sure to check out the rest of this collection!

Acrylic Paint Pour Resin Coated Earrings

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