These absolutely glamourous polymer clay earrings are simple yet gorgeous. Fashioned from a glossy white clay with glitter inclusions, they shimmer and shine with every toss of the head. The dangling design evokes the feel of a windchime, you can almost hear the sweet music when you wear them. The acryllic pearl suspended at the bottom of the chime displays an incredible iridescence that shimmers with pinks, blues and greens. The Glamshell Earring is defintely among the most beautiful and delicate designs we produce.

Glamshell Polymer Clay Earrings

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  • Polymer clay earrings are delicate. Please handle with care.

    It is recommended to clean your earring posts with rubbing alcohol after receiving.

    Posts are attached to polymer clay with a strong adhesive. Please be cautious if you are allergic to adhesives.

    To clean surface of earrings, use a damp cloth to remove dirt/make-up.

    Do not leave earrings in water.

    Avoid leaving in heat for prolonged periods of time.