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Purchase Original Artwork
by BOOMLA Designs

Paintings and Mixed Media

     At BOOMLA Designs, all of our artwork starts with the designs themselves. Whether it's jewelry or crochet, the color, form and texture that we create using paint and canvas is the backbone of everything we do.

     Here are some of the selections currently for sale of one-of-a-kind artwork which is the basis for some of the other products we create. You might see these on a coffee mug or a T-Shirt, but in this collection, you have the opportunity to purchase the actual paintings and mixed media creations themselves. 

     Be the owner of a piece of BOOMLA history with original art by BOOMLA Designs.

BOOMLA Designs Print Products

Fun, Colorful and Energetic Designs
to Enliven your Life and Provide Daily Inspiration

     What could be better than your choice of fun, affordable products with a whole slew of your favorite designs? ...we can't think of anything either. 

     Here are some samples of products we offer featuring original artwork by BOOMLA Designs. Each Design is available in a range of options and products, just follow the links and specify exactly which options are right for you!

T-Shirt  Print  $19.99

     Originally, this amazing acrylic pour painting was scheduled to be used in our "Off the Easel" line of Canvas and Resin jewelry, but AP loved it so much he saved it from the cutting room floor and convinced Nat to promote the design. 

     Now you can wear it as a customizable shirt. Put the design on the clothes you like best!

Calavera Print Pillow  $22.00

     If you love colorful and whimsical designs, then this Dia de los Muertos Calavera has your name all over it! Make a pillow, blanket, or even a phone case and show off your dedication to the ancestors. 

Solar Print Tote  $21.00

     Our BOOMLA Designs Paintings look awesome printed on these handy eco-friendly tote bags. Help us save the planet and reduce single-use plastic grocery bags while showing off some incredible artwork! 

     With multiple designs and products to choose from, get yours today.

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