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BOOMLA Designs Premiere Collection

Handmade Art Deco, Bohemian, Indie and OOAK Designs

The EarthVibe Line

Everyday reminders that we are surrounded by nature, and the planet needs us.

     At Boomla Designs we are making an ongoing commitment to promote mindfulness and awareness of the fragility of the natural world around us. We all share this amazing and life giving planet, and it is up to each one of us to help create a sustainability and homeostasis that will enrich the lives of our children and grandchildren to come. 


     We are constantly moved and inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the natural world and are committed to preservation and restoration efforts. It is our hope that the EarthVibe line of jewelry and products will help enable people to make a difference in their own daily lives by showing them the beauty and stylishness of natural products and environmentally sourced materials such as branch wood, stone, crystal and organic elements such as feathers, quills, seeds and flowers.


     When you choose to purchase an item from the EarthVibe line, know that you are receiving a one-of-a-kind item that no one else will ever have. Every item in the EarthVibe line is unique, because we only have one Earth. Each time you wear an EarthVibe item, be prepared to receive compliments and questions, and always remind them to preserve this marvelous planet which supports us all.


Off the Easel Signature Series

One of a Kind Jewelry fashioned from Colorful Abstract Art

     At BOOMLA Designs, our art gallery is you! With the premiere of our “Off the Easel” line of Canvas and Resin Jewelry, we’ve achieved our goal of creating fun, colorful and unique items. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, even differing slightly from its matching earring or necklace. Every painting is created by one of BOOMLA Designs own artists, and then protectively sealed in a two-part epoxy resin.


     Each piece also turns around to reveal the original canvas the painting was created on, so that people will know you’re wearing an original work of art! Completed with a truly stunning array of beadwork, these are must-have pieces for serious art collectors and fashion forward influencers, but get them while they’re hot, cause once they’re gone… they’re gone.


The Wu Wei Collection

'Go With the Flow' Poured Paint Jewelry and Art 

     The Buddhist philosophy of Wu Wei can best be described in Western terms as “go with the flow.” We endeavor to personify this essential thought process with the abstract painting technique known as acrylic pouring. Using this method, the painter mixes different colors to create unique and dazzling swirls and blends. Other additives such as silicone may be used to dilute the paint in interesting ways. When heat is applied to paint that has been diluted with a drop or two of silicone, the rubber rises to the surface of the paint, making amazing cells where the edges of color mix and spread.

     This collection combines the beauty of the poured paint with the durability and sheen of our resin earrings. A two-part epoxy is applied to the painted jewelry to protect and preserve it. Once removed from the canvas however, the painting itself is completed and is also listed as part of the collection. In fact, some pieces even match with a miniature painting and have corresponding OOAK jewelry sets in our ‘Off the Easel’ Signature Series.

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