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EPMP Resources and Links

As we have been educating ourselves about the legalities surrounding the formation of an El Paso Farm and Artisans Market Park, we have continued to identify and clarify the needs of the vendor community here in El Paso.

This Blog post is intended to offer you access to the resources I have used and people I have consulted with to obtain the information I am able to present to the public. Please feel free to use these links and connections to inform, understand and educate yourselves if there are any concerns or questions you have that we are unable to address adequately.


The State of Texas governs formation of a non-profit cooperative or corporation through Texas Business Organizations Code Title 6, which is available for you to read in its entirety here.

The form to incorporate a Non-Profit Corporation in the State of Texas is Form 202 which is available here.

Several websites offering a more generalized selection of Co-op educational and reference material include:


Some Artist Co-op galleries I have examined as examples on which to base the operation of the EPMP include:

405 South 11th St

Omaha, NE 68102

59A Church St

Cambridge, MA


207 G St

Davis, CA 95616


210 Poplar St

El Paso, TX 79901


When consulting the various city/county agencies that I have utilized as part of the educational process, I have come across these helpful links to various entities:

Using the Texas Bar Association's free "find a lawyer" service I was able to request legal aid and consultation from business attorneys who offer advise and services based on the needs of the prospective EPMP. Some of the attorneys who reached out to me include:

Tell A Lawyer Consulting Group, LLC

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