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EPMP Vendor Survey Ballot

Updated: May 11, 2022

Vote your needs for the El Paso Market Park Vendor Survey

Follow this link to fill out the ballot on the EPMP Vendor Survey before May 21, 2022 to ensure that your voice is heard.

Thank You for your time and participation!

AP - Project Manager

UPDATE - 5/11/22

BYLAWS: Please read over and consider the following proposed bylaws for the El Paso Market Park incorporation. We will discuss and decide on these issues at our next meeting. If there are any errors or omissions of concern, please make a note and let us know about it.

1. Vendor Type – What limitations should be created to govern the acceptability of a potential co-op member based on the goods/services they provide? Example: Only handmade and unique items can be sold – no mass produced products purchased from wholesale outlets.

2. Vendor Locality – What limitations should be created to govern the acceptability of a potential co-op member based on their residence in El Paso and the surrounding communities? Is there a legality/tax issue with foreign vendors from Juarez?

3. Vendor Accessibility – In the long term, we want our co-op to be open to as many local farmers and artisans as possible, however as we assess the limitations of the spaces available to us to create an EPMP, how many initial co-op memberships should we pursue? How many vendor spaces do we need to create, or how many vendors do we need to house?

4. Space Usage – What limitations should be created to govern the usage of the space available to co-op members? Example: EPMP is primarily a market space for vendors to sell goods/services. Should vendors be allowed a ‘maker-space’ to create wares on site, or should products be made off-site and only SOLD at EPMP? What if the vendor supplies custom orders?

5. EPMP Board of Directors – What officers should our co-op employ? Typically, a board consists of a General Manager, Treasurer, Secretary, and a few suggestions which I believe would benefit our enterprise are Director of Communications, Director of Marketing, Director of Finance, Director of Internal Affairs, etc. What suggestions do you have for BoD Departments?

6. EPMP BoD Terms – What limitations should be created to govern the length of term held by any officer on the Board of Directors, and what limitations should be created to govern the number to terms, consecutive or otherwise a co-op member may serve.

7. Charitable Applications – The EPMP will qualify in the mere fact of its existence as a charitable use of non-profit status. However, should the EPMP allow funding for the education and assistance to members in the obtainment of applicable federal, state and city permits, licenses and tax requirements?

8. EPMP Consanguinity Clause – What limitations should be created to govern the acceptability of co-op members for Board Service dependent on their level of consanguinity? Example: Should married couples be allowed to hold separate office or be considered as a single entity? To put it another way, who is the co-op member, the individual or the business?

9. Lease Length – What limitations should be created to govern the period of time that co-op members may make usage of space at the EPMP. Should multiple length leases be available to potential co-op members, and what costs and responsibilities should be associated with space usage.

10. Lease Violation – What are the consequences if a co-op member violates the length of their lease? Assuming an advance pay system is implemented, co-op members may potentially (in extenuating circumstances) leave goods/wares behind in the communal space, what should be done/afforded our neighbors who are unable to vacate a needed space in a timely manner?

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